Arpita Sinha


(Teaching jointly with Prof. Leena Vachhani)

  • Introduction to Wheeled Mobile Robotics (Autumn)

  • Advanced topics in Mobile Robotics (Spring)



  • Autonomous exploration of structured environment using multi-vehicle system, Aeronautical Research and Development Board, 2 years, Co-PI Prof. L. Vachhani.

  • Path planning and petrolling for a car-like robot in urban campus environment, Defence Research and Development Organization, Nov 2016 - Jan 2018, Co-PI Prof. L. Vachhani.


  • Decentralized control of multi-satellite formation flying, Indian Space Research Organization, Feb, 2010 - Apr, 2014.

  • R&D in collaborative UAV mission, Defence Research and Defence Organization, Oct, 2011 - Oct, 2013, PI - Prof. H. Arya

  • Analysis and implementation of cooperative control behavior of a distributed multi-vehicle system, Industrial Research & Consultancy Center, IITB, May, 2009 - Dec, 2014.


Current PhD students

  • Shashank Agarwal - Multi-robot pattern formation. (External supervisor Dr. Phani Thota)

  • Jerome Moses Monsingh - Distributed coordination of mobile visual sensor network for boundary tracking and coverage applications, (IITB-Monash academy).

  • Aseem V Borkar - Exploiting Lissajous curves for Multi-robot Coverage. (Co-supervisor Prof. H. Arya and Prof. L. Vachhani).

Former PhD students

  • Galib R Mallik - Multiagent Formation for Target Tracking Applications: A deviated cyclic pursuit based approach (Thesis submitted)

  • Rakesh Warier - Simultaneous Position and Attitude Control of Multiple Spacecraft Using Line-of-Sight Measurements. (Co-supervisor Prof. Srikant S.).

  • Twinkle Tripathy - Patterns with Unicycle: Analysis and Design of Range based Control Laws, 2016 (Co-supervisor Prof. H. Arya).

  • Sarat C Nagavarapu - Multi Robot Exploration and Map Building with Assured Collision Avoidance, 2016. (Supervisor Prof. L. Vachhani).

  • Sangeeta D Daingade - Cooperative Target Monitoring with Multi-Vehicle System, 2016.

  • Soumya R Sahoo - Coordination problems with minimum sensing and course actuation, 2013. (Supervisor Prof. R. Banavar).