I am currently an Associate Professor at Systems and Control Engg., IIT Bombay.

My current areas of interest are decentralized control, cooperative and network control, optimal control, formation flight and consensus.

I am interested in nonlinear control theory for space and cooperative systems applications. We have and continue to make key contributions in line of sight based spacecraft synchronization, estimation of convergence rate to consensus, design of sparse optimal controllers, event-triggered and biased-feedback consensus, opinion dynamics in social systems and attitude constrained control for quadrotors. We are also interested in developing hardware capabilities for control implementation in quadrotor like platforms.

Below are my GoogleScholar$^\circledR$, ResearchGate$^\circledR$ and Scopus$^\circledR$ profiles,

https://spectrum.ieee.org/bivacorheart0919 - The cool maglev artificial heart

EECI Graduate School (Stabilisation of nonlinear time-varying systems with application to multi-agent systems course in Istanbul 27 April - 01 May, 2020 - M15) -




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