A note for future M. Tech/PhD candidates:

I am always on the lookout for motivated young researchers to work in areas related to nonlinear/adaptive control and time-varying systems. For details on our entrance procedure, please visit the Admissions page on the SysCon website. In general it is better if you are clear about specific directions you wish to pursue from amongst my interests. If indeed you have a problem that fascinates you, write to me and we can take it from there. However, generic copy-pasted emails expressing interest are of no avail.


PhD Candidates:

  1. Maitreyee Dutta - Cooperation under sensor bias
  2. Pallavi Sinha - Cooperative output synchnornisation
  3. Sudipta Chattopadhyay - Adaptive boundary control

Dual Degree Candidates (Awarded):

  1. Himani Sinhmar (Aerospace) - Synchronisation of E-L systems under measurement errors
  2. Chinmay Maheshwari (Mechanical) - Geometric multiplexing and chattering control
  3. Yogesh (Aerospace) - Numerical aspects of $L_0$ optimal control
  4. Tejaswi (Aerospace) - Geometric Attitude control via feedback integrators
  5. Manish K. Nayak (Aerospace) - Trajectory tracking with pointing requirements for a quadrotor
  6. Devyesh Tandon (Aerospace) - Consensus under sensor bias, completed June 2017, currently employed at GM, India
  7. Monimoy B (Aerospace) - Attitude, angular velocity and actuator constrained control design for spacecrafts - completed, May 2016, pursuing Phd at UC Berkeley

B. Tech Projects (Awarded):

  1. Yogesh (Aerospace) - Numerical aspects of $L_0$ optimal control
  2. Atul (Aerospace) - State feedback using $L_0$ optimal control
  3. Tejaswi (Aerospace) - Constrained control of Lunar Lander
  4. Harish (Aerospace) - Consensus control with sensor bias

PhD's awarded

  1. Abdul Razak Rihab - Completed Fall 2020 - Currently with Shell R&D, Bangalore
  2. Nilanjan Roy Chowdhury - Completed Fall 2017 - Currently postdoc with Y. Levron Technion, Haifa, Israel
  3. Rakesh Warier - Completed Fall 2017 - Currently faculty at BITS Goa.

M. Tech Candidates (Completed):

  1. S. Arun Kumar (M. Tech Research)- Synchronisation and formation control of underwater agents
  2. Bhanupriya - State constrained control implementation for a quadcopter, completed June 2017, currently employed at ABB India.
  3. Arunkumar G K - Lyapunov functions based modified steering laws for Generalized Voronoi Diagram (GVD) construction - completed, May 2014 - currently pursuing PhD in Systems and Control, IITB
  4. Abhilash M - Analysis of CMG singularities and spacecraft control design with CMG - Converted to PhD in Aerospace Engineering, IIT Bombay

Short-term Interactions:

Bachelors degree pursuants and others inclined towards doing short term research projects should contact me directly via email with a short summary of research interests and a recent CV.

If you are in IIT already, I will usually not accept students that have not gone through sufficient controls courses (read SysCon minor). Also 6 month interactions are too short to get anything sensible done. I get a very common query, “will we publish at the end of the interaction ?”. Honestly, that depends on you and your efforts. It is not just a matter of typesetting theory I already have in my head. A paper is an outcome of considerable effort and involves extending the sum total of current knowledge in an area. So NO GUARANTEES.

If you are outside IIT, it is difficult to hire you since funding and stay are a big concern. The best avenue is the IITB Research Fellowship