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Ankur A. Kulkarni

Associate Professor and Kelkar Family Chair

Systems and Control Engineering, Centre for Machine Intelligence and Data Science, IIT Bombay Trust Lab, Koita Centre for Digital Health

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay


    Manish Kumar Singh (Systems and Control Engineering)
    Joined: Jan 2021

    Siddhant Vibhute (Systems and Control Engineering)
    Joined: Jan 2019

    Nirupa Maria (Systems and Control Engineering)
    Joined: July 2019

    Reema Deori (Systems and Control Engineering)
    Joined: Jan 2020

M.Tech. and Dual Degree

    Shashank Deshpande (Engineering Physics)
    Dual Degree in Systems and Control Engineering.

    Shraddha Pathak (IISER Pune)

Research Assistant


    Dr. Anuj Vora, Ph.D. Systems and Control Engineering
    Topic: Information theory
    June 2016-June 2022

    Naman Aggarwal, Dual Degree Systems and Control Engineering
    Topic: Decentralized control and auctions
    June 2020-2021
    Presently: Ph.D. student at LIDS, MIT.
    Dr. Vivek Deulkar (Electrical Engineering), co-supervised with Jayakrishnan Nair.
    Topic: Battery sizing for smart grids
    Ph.D. awarded 2021.
    Presently: Postdoc at University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    Dr Dharini Hingu, Ph.D. in Mathematics, IIT Madras
    Topic: Dynamic games
    Joined: July 2018
    Varad Patil (M.Tech. Systems and Control Engineering)
    Topic: Parking problems for Smart Cities
    Joined: June 2018
    Anurag Gupta (M.Tech. Systems and Control Engineering; B.Tech. Electrical Engineering IIT Bombay)
    Topic: Information theory
    Joined: June 2019.
    Dr. Mathew Abraham Ph.D. Systems and Control
    Dynamic games, power systems
    July 2013 -- Mar 2019.
    Presently: Assistant Professor at TKM College of Engineering Kollam.

    Best paper award at the Indian Control Conference, 2018.
    Dr. Sharu Theresa Jose, Ph.D. Systems and Control
    Topic: Information theory
    July 2013 -- Aug 2018.
    Presently: Assistant Professor, University of Birmingham, UK.

    Excellence in Ph.D. Research award at IIT Bombay.
    Best paper award at the National Conference on Communications, 2017.
    Best paper award (runner-up) at the International Conference on Signal Processing and Communications (SPCOM), 2018.
    Karan Chadha (Electrical Engineering, Dual Degree)
    Topic: Games on graphs, Smart grids
    Joined: May 2018
    Presently: Pursuing Ph.D. at Stanford University
    Harivardhan Geddada (M.Tech. Systems and Control Engineering)
    Joined: June 2018
    Mansi Sood (Electrical Engineering, Dual Degree, IIT Bombay)
    Dual Degree Project co-supervised with Sharayu Moharir
    Topic: Game theory in crowd sourcing
    Duration: July 2017 -2018
    Presently: Pursuing Ph.D. at CMU.

    Parthe Pandit (Electrical Engineering, Dual Degree, IIT Bombay; research assistant)
    Topic: Games on graphs
    Duration: July 2015 - August 2016
    Presently: Completed Ph.D. at UCLA

    Bharat Prabhakar (Electrical Engineering, Dual Degree project)
    Duration: 2013-2014
    Presently: Founder of

    Sanath Kuppa (Electrical Engineering, B.Tech. project)
    Duration: 2013-2014
    Presently: Goldman Sachs

    Sree Prasanna Rajagopal (B.Tech., Mechanical Engineering IIT Guwahati, Research Assistant)
    Duration: July 2014-June2015
    Presently: Tonbo Imaging, Bangalore

    Smita Solanki (M.Tech., Systems and Control)
    Duration: July 2016 - July 2017
    Presently: MediaTek Taiwan

    Jabin Sadique (M.Tech., Systems and Control)
    Duration: July 2013-October 2014
    Presently: Mercedes-Benz R&D, Bangalore

    Aparna Mohankumar (M.Tech., Systems and Control)
    Duration: January 2015-January 2016