Research Areas

  • Large scale systems, system reduction, nuclear reactor control, sliding mode control (continuous & discrete), power systems - stability & control, modeling, control & implementation of smart structures, space launch vehicles - stability & control, gas turbines - stability & control, flexible manipulators, stability & control of multirate output feedback based control (POF/FOS).
  • Robust stability and control especially using quantitative feedback theory (QFT) techniprofNames, nonlinear system analysis and control, and reliable computing using interval analysis techniques.
  • Optimal control, constrained and optimization based control, in particular, stochastic model-predictive/receding-horizon control.
  • Nonlinear and adaptive control, geometric mechanics, Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics.
  • Cooperative control of multi-agent systems, resource allocation, team theory and its application, game theory, decentralized control, cooperative and network control.
  • Reconfigurable hardware, embedded control systems, robotic path planning algorithms, hardware/software codesign.
  • Switched and hybrid systems; control under communication and computation constraints; stochastic control; applications of stochastic process in engineering systems.
  • Game theory, stochastic control, optimization, economics, information theory, combinatorics and systems biology.
  • Distributed parameter systems, output regulation, periodic systems, parameter identification in PDEs
  • Control theory, nonlinear and geometric control, NMR spectroscopy, quantum control

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