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The Systems and Control group, formed in 1977, is a unique interdisciplinary program in the country that offers post-graduate education in the broad area of Systems and Control. The Ten faculty members of the group have varied research backgrounds, that includes nonlinear control, robotics, path-planning, embedded control, coordination of autonomous vehicles, multi-agent systems, game theory, information theory, combinatorics, sliding mode control and applications, fractional-order modelling and control, optimization and optimization-based control, and stochastic processes. Other faculty members of the institute with an interest in the field also participate in the activities of the group. The alumni of the group are employed in many reputed academic institutes, ISRO/DRDO and research laboratories, and corporate R & D units of the country.


The Systems and Control group of IITB has been featured first in the IEEE Control Systems magazine series "Institutes in Control" featuring groups worldwide that have made an impact in the field. Click here for the article.

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Clarification/Revision in the PG rule (R.4.16 & MR.2.2.5) "Use of NPTEL/SWAYAM courses towards the partial completion of regular academic curriculum (e.g. upto 12 credits)."

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News and Recent Events
[18 Mar 23]: A workshop on Mechanics and Control was held between 15 - 18 March, 2023. Details can be found here
[21 Feb 23]: Talk by Rene Aid from Paris-Dauphine University was held on "Optimal Incentives in Continuous–Time"
[17 Feb 23]: A workshop "Innovations in Nonlinear Control" was held between 13 - 17 February 2023. Details can be found here
[16 Jan 23]: Talk by Raghav Somani from University of Washington, Seattle was held as part of SysConTalks
[16 Dec 22]: Prof. Bandyopadhyay has received status of "IEEE Life Fellow"
[15 Dec 22]: 2nd year Ph.D. student Manish Kumar Singh has received the best student paper award at the Indian Control Conference this year for his paper "Strategic Multiclass Classification with Non-uniform Preferences and its Relation to Incentive Compatibility"
[6 Oct 22]: Talk by Prof. Constantine Morarescu from University de Lorraine, France was held as part of SysConTalks
[21 Sept 22]: Talk by Dr. Matthew Kvalheim from University of Michigan was held as part of SysConTalks
[26 Jul 22]: Talk by Dr. Miheer Dewaskar from Duke University was held as part of SysConTalks
[1 Jul 22]: The paper: Geometric Second-Order Laplacian Flow for Consensus on Lie Groups, by Rama Seshan (IIT Madras) and Ravi N Banavar and Arun D Mahindrakar (IIT Madras) has been chosen as one the 3 best student papers of the European Control Conference, 2022, to be held in London in July 2022. The final award will be made on July 13, 2022.
[15 Jun 22]: Talk by Prof. Satish Mulleti, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay was held as part of SysConTalks
[11 May 22]: Prof Ankur Kulkarni has been appointmented at a research advisor to Tata Consultancy Services. He will guide the development of ideas in the broad area of multiagent systems.
[20 Dec 21]: Prof. R. N. Banavar has been elevated to an Institute Chair Professor.
[06 Dec 21]: S Bhargav Pavan Kumar, PhD student at SysCon has received the PMRF for May 2021.
[03 Dec 21]: A lecture series on "Fundamentals of Brain-Inspired Robotics" by Prof. Hiroaki Wagatsuma from The University of Kitakyushu was held from 24th Nov to 02 Dec 2021 as part of SysConTalks
[08 Nov 21]: Prof. Ankur Kulkarni has being invited to join the Project Advisory Board of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Click here for more details.
[03 Nov 21]: Prof. S Srikant is now a Senior Member of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).
[06 Sept 21]: Talk by Bidesh Das from Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences on Time-optimal control of a two peakon collision was held as part of SysConTalks
[09 Aug 21]: Talk by Arnab Roy from the Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences on Control and Stabilization Aspects of Fluid-structure Interaction Models was held as part of SysConTalks

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