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In a world where education is predominantly verbal, highly educated people find it all but impossible to pay serious attention to anything but words and notions. There is always money for, there are always doctorates in, the learned foolery of research into what, for scholars, is the all-important problem: Who influenced whom to say what when?
— Aldoux Huxley
Doors of Perception



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SysConTalks (pinned)

SysConTalks is an initiative by the PhD students of SysCon; everybody is invited to attend the talks. Registration (free) instructions are on the website.


  • 16—​18 Dec 2023: SysCon workshop on Large Scale Learning and Control.

  • 15—​16 Sep 2023: Students' workshop SysCon Workshop for Graduate Students.

  • 28 Jul 2023: Talk at the Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Hiroshima University: Near-exact solutions to robust convex optimization problems: a tractable algorithm.

  • 28 Apr 2023: Patent number 430622 corresponding to application 202221040362 on Method and trajectory management controller for constrained trajectory optimization granted.

  • 22 Mar 2023: Shruti defended her PhD dissertation.

  • 17 Mar 2023: Talk on robust optimization at MechCon2023.

  • 20 Aug 2022: Rayyan receives Naik and Rastogi Award for Excellence in PhD Research, IIT Bombay.

  • 14 Jul 2022: Patent application 202221040362 on Method and trajectory management controller for constrained trajectory optimization filed jointly with Nakul Randad, Siddhartha Ganguly, and Ravi Banavar.

  • 18 Apr 2022: Talk at the Applied Mathematics Seminar, Department of Mathematics, IIT Gandhinagar.

  • 21 Dec 2021: Patent application 202121061723 on Method and electronic device via global optimization to exact solutions of convex semi-infinite programs filed jointly with Souvik Das, Ashwin Aravind, and Ashish Cherukuri.

  • 06 Oct 2021: Priyanka defended her PhD dissertation.

  • 14 Jun 2021: Preliminary discussions on the IITB-Hibikino Initiative.

  • 19—​23 Apr 2021: EECI Course M09.

  • 22 Jan 2021: Patent Application 202121002971 on Algorithmic Constrained Control Synthesis filed jointly with Karmvir Singh Phogat, Ravi Banavar, and Harish Joglekar at ISRO.

  • 15 Jan 2021: Mayank Baranwal joined SysCon as an Adjunct Faculty member.

  • 24 Nov 2020: Rayyan defended his PhD dissertation.

  • 19 Oct 2020: Ashmita, Siddhartha, and Souvik received the Prime Minister’s Research Fellowships, May 2020.

  • 24 Sep 2020: Masaaki Nagahara's new book Sparsity Methods for Systems and Control is out!

  • 08 Jun 2020: Karmvir's article on the Pontryagin maximum principle received an Automatica Paper Prize, 2020.

  • 24 Feb 2020: Daniel Quevedo visited us for a week.

  • 27 Jan 2020: Course Material for the EECI Course on Scenario Approach to Robust Optimization is here.

  • 02 Sep 2019: Masaaki Nagahara visited us for three days.

  • 02 Sep 2019: John Kojiro Moriwaka visited us for four days.

  • 30 Jul 2019: EECI Course on the Scenario Approach held at SysCon during 27-31 Jan 2020.

    • Registration information may be found here.

    • The course details are on the first page of this document.

  • 09 Jul 2019: Attended the IEEE Control Systems Society Board Meeting at Philadelphia, USA.